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How To Start Your First Craft Hobby

April 15th, 2021

Craft is the hobby of thousands of women all over the world and has its own universal language. I have been involved in all kinds of crafts for many years and cannot think of a better and more productive way to relax. Sharing our knowledge just spreads more enjoyment about the particular hobby that interests us.

Don’t worry if you have never ventured into this area as craft websites are here to help you with your projects and for the beginners give you some easy patterns to start with. Once completed you will have self-satisfaction of saying “I did that” and don’t forget they make wonderful presents for family and friends. They have patterns available, including some quick and easy knitting patterns for beginners. They are all more than happy for you to copy the patterns and when completed if you have no use for them you will find many charities that will gladly accept them. Just ring your local charity for details.

Learning to crochet

Learning to crochet is an exciting craft to master. Using only a hook and wool you can successfully create great clothes. Once mastered, patterns are easy to come by, everything from gloves to caps, scarves, doilies, baby clothes and hats to cushions and baby’s booties, the list goes on. Beginners should start with the mastering the basics first by commencing with a single coloured square. You can make a blanket or cushion cover by sewing the squares together(very nice presents).

Learning To knit

If you’re new to knitting, a simple knit square of garter stitch (every row plain) is the perfect project to start on. From the tutorials on craft websites you will learn how to cast on, knit, and cast off and when you’re done you can use the square as a coaster, even if it doesn’t look perfect. This a good base for learning and will encourage you to continue to make everything from jumpers, socks, scarves (the popular thing this year) and is not only a wonderful hobby but also very cost-effective as whilst you are learning, cheaper wools can be purchased from department stores.

Once mastered, knitting for your children and babies is economical and fun. Your children can pick their choice of colours and even what knitted motif to go on the jumper. You can even teach the older children to knit their own scarves.

There are numerous other crafts to learn, just Google what particular craft you are interested in doing and you will find many websites with the tutorials there ready for you to use.

Relax and enjoy your hobbies by joining a craft group an